Chicago Rapper Brags He Used To Smash Cardi B – Listen To Offset Calls Him Up And Set His Azz Straight! (Video)

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If it’s not one thing, it’s another! Cardi B and Offset definitely are surrounded by drama at every turn.

The Tropix

In a most recent bout of Drama, a Chicago-based rapper King Yella recently announced he used to “smut out” Cardi B. Offset did not take too kindly to that remark and King Yella made sure he had footage to share of it!

Hip Hop DX

King Yella himself is known for having been shot accidentally during a making of a video for Black Lives Matter. That’s unfortunate, right?!


We are not thinking that King Yella knows finesse as he recently put out an album titled “Cardi B: Truth”. In this album he so eloquently raps, “Thick b****, Cardi B wanna have my baby…Offset boy you better watch your b*&%/Watch your b*&$ yea she on my d*#$.”