Chicago Rapper Brags He Used To Smash Cardi B – Listen To Offset Calls Him Up And Set His Azz Straight! (Video)

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The album art for “Cardi B Truth” has King Yella posing with Cardi B. It seems King Yella just wants to pile on even more drama for Offset and Cardi B to sift through!


Cardi apparently wasn’t having any of King Yella’s words and posted on her Instagram story, “Nothing is more lame then nikkas lying on they d**k.. I will feel like a h*e a$$ tikka.” We’re going to need to add some new words to Urban Dictionary pretty soon!

With King Yella being so in the face of Cardi B and Offset, it seems it ticked off Cardi B’s fiancé. He called King Yella to tell him off and King Yella took the opportunity to have an associate record the whole thing.

Facts Lil homie @offsetyrn 🔱

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King Yella is just playing this up for more attention. Nothing like trying to piggyback on someone else’s success!