Ciara’s Son Just Called Russell Wilson “Papa” And Called His Biological Father By His Stage Name, “Future!”


This. Is. TOUGH. We all want what is best for our children and, sometimes, that means the relationship we’re in will teach them to stay unhappy. But, when families blend, a child will gravitate to wherever he feels the most comfortable.

Co-parenting is hard and both parties might carry immense guilt for all they cannot do and all the places they cannot be at one time for their children. Being apart from your child can be such a heavy sadness that is only relieved when you are together again.


For Ciara’s son, the lines appear to be redrawn. If you’re in a blended family, did you feel closest to the people with whom you spent the most time? Click Next to learn more about what’s going on for young Future.


It’s impossible not to be partial to the environment where you spend the most time and feel the most support. In Wilson household, there are two people working in tandem to bring joy and stability for their kids.