Comedian Aries Spears Says Beyonce Isn’t As Big As Michael Jackson — Only “Homosexual Men And Girls” Like Bey

BET / (inset) TMZ

Comedian Aries Spears just showed off some serious internalized misogyny when he went on your run-of-the-mill “get off my lawn” baby boomer rant. The 44-year-old stand-up comedian made a big deal about how no one performing today could replace the likes of Michael Jordan, Whitney Houston, or Michael Jackson.

This is a standard belief of older people; we all tend to think the things that we were into in our formative years is The Best Shit- but seeing everything new as threatening or inherently inferior stops people from growing. And it creates the generation gaps that keeps us all from being able to relate to one another.


“Who today can replace Michael Jackson,” Spears asked. “Beyonce” the lone female DJ chimed in. All the other DJs balked, warning Spears that he just woke up Bey’s biggest fan.

Funny or Die

This is when the video becomes… very familiar to any woman who’s attempted to debate with a man who is digging his heels into internalized misogyny. They interrupt. They talk over you. They refuse to see your point of view or even listen to your side, because they see you as not as smart, not as capable, not an equal participant in the conversation. You are someone to be talked at, not an adult with an opinion equally as important; if not more nuanced and rational. It’s where the term “mansplaining” comes from.