Comedian Aries Spears Says Beyonce Isn’t As Big As Michael Jackson — Only “Homosexual Men And Girls” Like Bey

Aries Spears

Aries Spears didn’t just spew some misogynist behavior, he also put his homophobia on display. His reasoning for why Beyonce is not on the level of Michael Jackson and never will be, is because only gay men and women listen to Queen B.


Oh that’s right, because gay men and women have nothing to do with being cultural taste makers, right? Because straight men, with their cargo shorts and Axe Body Spray, are the experts on what makes art, well, art. Also, does that mean that Spears thinks only straight men listened to MJ, because have I got news for him.

Aries Spears

The female co-host stands her ground against the very loud and cycling-talking Spears. She asks a perfectly valid question, “have you ever been to Beyonce concert?”


“No,” Spears said “what’s gonna happen I’m gonna got there and soak in all that homosexuality?” Wow. The thing that makes the hot garbage spewing out of this guy’s mouth is the fact that all the men in the room celebrated this man’s ignorance. They even cheered and high-fived when Spears told the woman to jump out the window.