Coming Up Short: Who Are The Shortest Rappers In The Game?


Kanye West: 5′ 7″
Despite seeming positively larger-than-life, Yeezy is only 5’7″. He makes a perfect fit for his shorty Kim Kardashian, because she only stands at 5’3″.


Bow Wow 5’6″
If Bow Wow told you he was taller than 5’6″, he might be pulling a Bow Wow Challenge, cuz this little stunter is that short. Maybe that’s why he’s always lyin’.

The Source

Kendrick Lamar 5’6″
Unanimously respected as one of hip-hops true geniuses and one of it’s wokest rappers is King Kunta himself Kendrick Lamar. Though small in stature, Lamar’s voice is huge.