Confirmed: Offset Took The DNA Test And The Results Are In: He IS The Father Of Celina Powell’s Baby (Test Results Inside)

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When you’re wrong, you’re wrong and if super-thot Celina Powell is telling the truth, and she didn’t doctor the document, we were wrong when we called BS on her story. She indeed gave birth to Offset’s baby.

Now mind you, Powell is known for stretching out the truth and outright lying, but she’s produced a hard copy of the results, but you have to ask yourself — where’s the baby? She’s had ample opportunity to take a photo of the baby, but have you seen anything?

CELINA POWELL Showing off Tekashi69z Chain. #celinapowell #tekashi69 #6ix9ine

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All we’ve seen so far is one suspect black and white photo of a newborn baby’s hand gripping an adult’s finger. The photo is supposed to be of Powell and her baby, but it’s hard to believe that a thirsty attention ho like Powell wouldn’t be flooding her social media account with proof of life to strengthen her case. But I digress — let’s get to the facts…