Confirmed: Offset Took The DNA Test And The Results Are In: He IS The Father Of Celina Powell’s Baby (Test Results Inside)

Two weeks ago, Powell had a Denver judge force Offset to take a DNA test, and she was actually pretty clever about it — she sorta tricked Offset to take the test, but let’s face it — how else was she going to get him to take the test?

After all, Offset was denying he ever even met her. Then again, what’d you think he was going to say? His fiancée Cardi B is well into her third trimester and it wouldn’t look good for him, or Cardi.

Anyhoo, Powell was recently interviewed by Hollywood Life, and she went into detail on how she tricked Offset into taking the test he was doing everything possible to avoid.

HollywoodLife: Did you serve Offset with a court ordered paternity test this weekend?