Conor McGregor Is Straight Balling Out Of Control! Look At The New Celebri-Thot Side Piece He’s Dating Now! (And He’s Still Married!)


What is the deal with McGregor? He is still officially with his longtime girl and baby mama Dee but it seems he doesn’t mind having a date publicly shared with another woman.


The UFC fighter was seen at a red carpet event with the singer Rita Ora last night and didn’t seem to have any qualms with Rita’s open-bragging about being on a date with the man.

Apparently this isn’t Rita’s first rodeo in stirring up drama. She also has posted in the past that she was Jay’s mistress. Girl! Hold up and take it easy!


You gotta wonder why the two think this is funny if this is indeed a joke being played? After all, Conor’s girlfriend JUST had their baby and is probably not taking too kindly to these posts.