Conor McGregor Is Straight Balling Out Of Control! Look At The New Celebri-Thot Side Piece He’s Dating Now! (And He’s Still Married!)


It seems that Rita might be joking given that she pretty much immediately posted another tweet after her Conor posts to clear up some things. It’s not April Fools, Rita!

The damage is done, Rita. You have some tweets coming at ya that are straight funny in a way!

Another twitter follower said: “MacGregor broke the internet, his girlfriend’s heart, and Rita Ora’s back door all in one night.” Whew, that’s some tough words right there but hey if it’s true, it’s true!

Dee has been a supporter of Conor through some tough times. She helped him out when he was broke and is regularly there at his fights to give him all the support a man could ever ask for.