Cops Release “Horrifying” Security Footage Of Chicago Teen Kenneka Jenkins Before Dying In Freezer (Shock Video!)


Kenneka Jenkins, the 19 year old, whose body was found in a freezer in a hotel may have wandered into the freezer on her own.  Videos released by the police show some shocking moments from the last moments Kenneka was seen alive.

Kenneka Jenkins 

Reports leaked that someone who had seen the surveillance footage knew Kenneka had entered the freezer by herself.  The report said that she could be seen wandering around in the basement of the hotel by herself.

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Andrew Holmes, an activist in Chicago, had a message to share after viewing the video.  He told WGN, “The important part is – and we always wondered and wanted to know – did anybody pull her down there? Did anybody force her down there? Was anybody on the other side, in that room, when she got down there?” The answer to that is: no.”  So she led herself into the freezer?

Click next to see the footage.  It’s pretty haunting to see.

This comes after some speculation from social media that there may be more to the story about how the teenager got into the freezer.  Detective Joe Balogh told Hollywood life, that they are monitoring the comments surrounding a Facebook Live video.