Daughter, 24, Reveals Heartbreaking Reason Why Her Father Has Worn The Same Shirt For 20 Years


Ria was genuinely puzzled about her dad’s behavior. It’s one thing to be set in your ways, to order the same food at the same restaurants over and over again, but, Ria’s father would wear the same shirt every single day.


Ria’s father has worn the same odd green and yellow polo shirt for about 18 years. No matter the occasion, her father would wear his weathered polo shirt.

Daily Mail

When Ria’s grandfather died, she was enlisted with the tough occupation of cleaning out his belongings. Click Next to learn about what she discovered about the old shirt while going through her grandfather’s things.


Even if there was a rip in the shirt, Ria’s father would mend the tear by hand, sewing the fabric back together. Ria discovered this ritual of wearing the same shirt everyday was his way of managing his grief.