So Disrespectful: Sean Kingston Is Online Describing How He Smashed Serena Williams Just Days Before Her Wedding!


And part of pursuing a career in the entertainment biz is doing interviews. And part of doing interviews is saying something that will get people’s attention. Click next to read about what Sean had to say about Serena Williams that has people talking.


As you might remember, Serena Williams recently had her first child with her husband, entrepreneur and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. What you might not know is that, according to Sean Kingston, he and Serena had quite the friendship. . . and a special “encounter.”

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Sean Kingston straight up claimed that he SMASHED Serena. Not only that, they did the deed when she was engaged to Alexis. WHAT THE WHAT? Here’s the thing–Sean was not straight up disrespectful of Serena. Keep reading.

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How did this subject even come up, you ask? Sean Kingston was doing an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Smashed With Sloth. The musician chatted about past romantic hook ups while taking coffee tequila shots.