Doctors Worried About Rick Ross Heart Being Stressed Post-Hospitalization (His 2 Baby Mamas Are Going To War On Social Media)

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The fact that Rick Ross has recovered from what everyone has described as a near-death heart-related procedure is nothing short of a miracle. According to first-hand reports, Ross wasn’t expected to live.

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But less than 10 days after he was admitted to a Miami hospital after he was found unconscious and hooked up to an ECMO machine that was doing all the work for his lungs and heart, he’s the picture of perfect health.

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Just yesterday, we reported that he was seen walking around a Bal Harbour mall with his baby girl, Berkley, Berkley’s mother, and his older daughter, Toie.

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The leisurely outing was to make up for the fact that his illness caused him to postpone Toie’s Sweet 16 bash which was meant to be held on March 17 at Casa Casuarina, formerly the Versace Mansion.