Doctors Are Worried About Rick Ross’s Life After His Concert Was Delayed Due To “Violent Seizures” And “Breathing Problems”

Twitter: @FILIPlNA / @ComplexMusic

This has been one of the most traumatic years for for Rick Ross so far. After being hooked up to a life support system earlier this year for still-uncertain heart problems, it was nothing short of a miracle that Rozay made it through alive.

Many assumed the worst outcome for Ross due to his rocky history of health scares, and it seems that he suffered another life-threatening setback over this past weekend. According to Page Six, Ross had to delay one of his concerts over the weekend due to what’s being reported as seizures and breathing issues.

Ross has a notable history of experiencing seizures, having two on the same day back in 2011, the big rapper lost a load of weight and got back into shape. Then, of course, the aforementioned scare a couple months ago were he spent several days in the hospital on life support. But this weekend’s scare was different than the others…