Was Drake Caught Mixing Soda With Lean On The Sidelines Of An NBA Game? (Is It A Big Deal or Is He Just Having Fun?)

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And you’re probably guessing that this meme-worthy. Yes, yes, you guessed correctly. The video of Drake slipping a drink courtside has generated some quality memes for sure. What follows will make ya chuckle. Maybe pour yourself a drink too in the spirit of it all..or should we say spirits?

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@McMO91: “Friend invites you to a party, you start pouring a drink, and the host comes up and goes ‘who are you!?'” That indeed is a bold move!

Miss Info

@LionlensPhotoPG: “When drinks are so overpriced at stadiums that even rich people don’t wanna pay for it.” Ain’t that the truth! It’s not like the rich get rich by spending it all right? Or something like that.

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@CBerd: “When the waiter comes to ur table after 20 minutes and asks if ur ready to order and u haven’t even looked at the menu.” It’s like a dog trying to gain traction on a linoleum floor.