Drake’s Baby’s Mother Gave Birth Three Weeks Ago And She’s Already On The IG Showing Off That Body! (Exclusive Pics Of Drake’s Baby)

Looks Drake’s alleged mini me is cute AF and his mom is looking great for just giving birth.  Sophie – posted pictures of her new baby boy on Instagram.  Y’all think he looks like Drake?


2017 was the year of Drake being accused of impregnating strippers. First he was accused of spreading his seed to Layla Lace – so naturally when Sophie claimed Drake knocked her up the internet didn’t believe it.


Sophie has been pretty adamant the entire time that this baby belongs to Drizzy, she’s shared her whole pregnancy on Instagram and the comments section is fire.  Many a person in this world thinks Drizzy could do no wrong.

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Sophie’s baby boy was born three weeks ago.  If it his Drakes baby, what a great b-day present.  The little boy was born just a week before Drake’s birthday.


Sophie herself is an artist and lives in France. According to reports Sophie was previously a stripper.  Apparently that immediately makes someone less credible in the eyes of today’s society.  Drake’s camp cited her history in their response to her allegations…

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