Drake’s Baby’s Mother Gave Birth Three Weeks Ago And She’s Already On The IG Showing Off That Body! (Exclusive Pics Of Drake’s Baby)


Sources reported that Drake’s camp was quick to cut down the woman.  Informing the public that due her past and her admittance to having multiple relationships that she isn’t credible.  As if number of relationships you’ve had has anything to do with how often you tell the truth…


Drake’s reps went on to say that they don’t believe the baby is his.  We do find it a bit interesting that they did not say anything about it not being his because he didn’t have sex with that woman.  Perhaps it’s because everyone knows they were together

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NY Daily News

According to Sophie, the baby was conceived in January when Drake visited her in France.  Sources say the two were seen together right after Drake and J-Lo parted ways.


We can do math and it adds up. Is Sophie telling the truth?  Drake’s peeps say that if it his baby, he will do right by the kid.  What does that even mean? Money? Time? Marriage to Sophie?