Eminem Comes Out Of Retirement To Rip Trump Live At The BET Hip-Hop Awards In A Savage Freestyle (Slim Shady Is Back!)


Like a lot of us, Eminem has political opinions. And like us, he wants to share them. Unlike most of us, he does not have an international stage (literally a stage, in this case) to give his opinions.

Rolling Stone

At the BET Hip Hop Awards, Eminem dropped a hot freestyle that obliterated Donald Trump. Eminem did not hold back, y’all. Among other things, Eminem called Donald Trump “this racist 94-year old grandpa.” (That’s not The Donald’s actual age, but the rest of it is pretty factual, to be honest.)


The freestyle lasted nearly five minutes. In it, Eminem discussed everything from Trump’s idiotic criticism of NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem to the Orange Creamsicle in Chief’s proposed southern border wall.


Hold on, y’all. Eminem had a lot to say, but he said what we are all thinking. He said, that Trump is “a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust.”