Eniko Hart Only Gained 22-Pounds During Pregnancy And Claims The Key Was Avoiding The Drama Of Kevin Hart Cheating Scandal

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Eniko Hart is showing us how post-pregnancy is done! She was seen recently showing off her super trim figure while holding her newborn and she is glowing as much as ever!

A love like no other! 💙 Every ounce of pain was worth it ALL..Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

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Looking at her you are tempted to think she was faking it all. How could you look like that only two weeks after? We have some guesses. After all she kept herself fit as fine going to the gym regularly throughout her pregnancy. She didn’t miss a beat and kept her mental and emotional health just as important as her physical. We’re thinking the Hart children have a powerful mama to look up to, don’t ya think?

If in doubt of whether you should go to the gym today, let Eniko be your teacher! If she can keep a regular routine through pregnancy, surely we can fit it into our own lives, right? The star is revealing that she only gained TWENTY-TWO pounds for the whole pregnancy. We are definitely thinking her healthy lifestyle is to thanked for that!

#MommyToBe🤰🏽 #MondayMotivation 💪🏽 #36weeksAndCounting👶🏽 Zo loves it! he be in there just kicking away. lol 😉

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The mother to be could regularly be seen owning compound movements during her pregnancy like Curtsy Lunges with bicep curls, Bar Pushups, and Bar Squats. Time to get a-moving, folks!