Eniko Hart Only Gained 22-Pounds During Pregnancy And Claims The Key Was Avoiding The Drama Of Kevin Hart Cheating Scandal

We are super proud for her! It’s quite a testament to strength to get through a pregnancy drama-free and fit as a mother, literally. She should be selling a program off of her experience, don’t ya think?

What does Kevin think about the birth of his newborn? So far all we’re hearing is that he wants to shirk off diaper-changing duties. He recently told Entertainment Tonight that he has not once changed a diaper. Even going so far as to develop a master plan of avoidance.


“I have not changed a diaper. I’m around when the diaper is being changed, which makes me a part of the process within the moment.”

“All you have to do is find other stuff to do while it’s going down to keep you busy. That’s all.”