Everyone Is Talking About This Thick Fun-Sized 4-Foot-Tall Instagram Model – They Are Calling Her “Dwarf Bae” (What Do Y’all Think?)

IG: miss_anna_apples

If you sign up to be a model, there is certain to be some commentary about how you look. It comes with the job, after all, right? You’re basically paid to hold up a product or show off your beauty to the world.

In the case of Anna Apples, she’s doing what lots of other IG models do – numerous scantily clad photos in all sorts of… arrangements, to be polite… She is provocative and has plenty of attention from followers.

So, she knows she’s in for opinions and LOTS of them. Whether or not that’s right is another matter altogether, but, when the comments display the obvious in such a childish way, you almost have to laugh and roll your eyes…