Exclusive: Chicago Rapper Rico Recklezz Gets Caught Slipping — His Enemies Beat Him Up And Live-Stream Everything (We’ve Got The Video)

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Rico Recklezz, a drill rapper from Chicago whose real name is Ronnie Ramsey, is with 075 Wuga World and on Recklezz Renegade Recordz. There might not be enough Zs in that record label’s name.


Rico Recklezz has a bit of a reputation. He has numerous videos on YouTube that show him acting out. His actions include punching random individuals to showing off his handgun while in school with other students.


Rico Recklezz also has an ongoing beef with Chicago rapper Kenny Red Beef. According to reports, Rico Recklezz is a gang member affiliated with the Black P Stone Nation in Chicago.


But that (alleged) gang affiliation is not enough to offer him protection when he is in another city. Click next to read more about Rico Recklezz, his reputation, and his latest altercation.