Exclusive: Chicago Rapper Rico Recklezz Gets Caught Slipping — His Enemies Beat Him Up And Live-Stream Everything (We’ve Got The Video)


Rico Recklezz plays up this violent persona in interviews and songs. In an interview, the Chicago rapper explained why he spells his stage name with two Zs. He said, “I’m Rico Recklezz man, with 2 zzs cause I’ll put a n*gga to sleep real quick.” But does that bravado translate to real world fighting? Click next to read more about Rico Recklezz’s history with violence.


The “Mortal Kombat” rapper got into an altercation while in Atlanta. However, thanks to some insanely stupid choices on his attackers’ part, we are not saying “Idk” when asked how assaulted him.


Rico Recklezz got caught slipping, y’all. When he was in Atlanta, some local ruffians bat him up–all because of a diss track he made.


The subject of Rico Recklezz’s diss track was another rapper named Young Pappy, who is dead. TaySav and PBG beat up Rico Recklezz for the disrespect that he gave to the departed Young Pappy.