And The Oscar Goes To Tyrese! After Seeing His Heartfelt Video Friends Will and Jada Smith Gifted Him $5 Million To Get His Baby Back!

Vibe / Instagram

We aren’t willing to concede just yet that it was Tyrese crying that worked.  Truth is, it’s more than likely Will Smith’s generosity that’s to blame – but either way – Tyrese is sitting pretty on a large stack of money.


Y’all remember the antics that Tyrese been posting up on his IG page.  We were trying to stay hopeful but it looked like he was going South and fast.


Just a few days ago Tyrese posted a video of himself on the internet discussing his current custody issues.  Tyrese hasn’t seen his 11 year old daughter in a couple of months and cries out on the video about how hard it is to not see her.


Tyrese’s ex wife, and his 11 year old daughter have both reportedly discussed the abuse they endured at the hands of the singer.  According to Tyrese, this has ruined his career.  On the video he lashed out at Hollywood saying no one would hire him. Click next to find out more about the video.