Exclusive: Kendrick Lamar’s 17-Year-Old Sister Is Pregnant With Her Second Kid — Should We Say Congrats Or Damn?


You know Kendrick Lamar as a rapper and songwriter, but, did you know he’s all about family? Apparently he’s very close to his younger sister, Kayla, who in her 17 years of life has experienced more than most!


Are you particularly close to any of your siblings? Do you follow the sibling code? As in, are you there for each other?


Siblings who are particularly close have each other’s backs. No matter what’s going on in the other sibling’s life, they will be there to help. Click Next to see how far Lamar is willing to go for his little sister.

Rolling Stone

Lamar was named after Eddie Kendricks who was an American singer-songwriter for The Temptations. Who know he was on his way to making more music, claiming his place in the world. and having so much heart for his family.