Exclusive Pics From R&B Singer Usher’s 39th Birthday Party (Let’s Just Say It Got Real Crazy!)

Haute Living

Usher turned 39 and decided to take the weekend to party with some of his pals! He left behind all the badmouthing news of his personal life and reached back into some fun times from his youth!


What did you like to do for your birthday when you were about, say, 9 – 12 years old? As a grown up, Usher thought back to what was really fun back in the day and brought it back to soften that fast approach to 40!


Did you like to roller skate once upon a time? Looks like the festivities for Usher’s 39th included getting people together to rush around on four wheels to loud music at the World Of Wheels roller skating rink in L.A.! Click on through to see who was there and some video of the fun!

Jermains Dupri was out on the hardwood rolling around at Usher’s party! Does this look like fun to you? Are you thinking, maybe you’re NOT to old to get back to your middle school activities for some good old fashioned fun?!