All Is Fair In Love And War! Rapper Cam’ron’s Ex Juju Just Got Herself A New Rapper Boyfriend And He’s Hot! (Exclusive Details)

Instagram / MTO

Were you disappointed when you heard that Cam’ron and Juju broke up? Or were you thinking that it was about time they moved on?

Some time has passed and now it looks as though Juju is starting to take herself off the shelf and get back in the game! Can you blame her? After a big public break up, what IS a girl to do?


A little shopping with your friends isn’t bad… for a minute. Thank goodness for girlfriends, but, at some point, the distraction no longer serve the healing process.


MTO believes they know who Juju’s new bae happens to be – they claim she’s seeing another rapper these days! Click Next to see why they’re reporting this and what MIGHT be flawed in the logic…