All Is Fair In Love And War! Rapper Cam’ron’s Ex Juju Just Got Herself A New Rapper Boyfriend And He’s Hot! (Exclusive Details)


Juju has been open with her followers about her dating around – she’s single, so, why not? Apparently, some of her followers were getting a little frustrated with her in the comments and she was NOT about to just take it.


In this post, she asks an IG member why she’s so angry? This is Juju’s life, she’s single, and she can, as she wrote in her caption, do what she wants now!

It’s getting old, don’t you think? When your opinion has not been requested, is it right to poke your head into someone’s love life and tell her off? If someone is getting hurt, that’s different, but, having some fun? C’mon now!


MTO showed some video of Juju having some interactions with a certain rapper on “Love and Hip Hop” recently and that seems to be the sign of truth, apparently… reality TV! Click Next to see if you agree with their suspicions!