Famous IG Model Challenges Blac Chyna To A Strip Boxing Match To Settle Their Beef! (Holy Thickness!)

Daily Mail / Instagram

It looks like Blac Chyna has found herself on yet another person’s bad side. Famous Instagram model Empresaria just posted a series of videos calling Blac Chyna out and challenging her to a boxing match!


Chyna better watch her back! The gorgeous Empresaria does not seem to be the type of Queen you want to square up with.


Empresaria is an extremely successful stripper and Instagram model who’s natural curvaceous body has garnered her a lot of attention. Atlanta, Georgia-where Empresaria is from-is a kind of stripper mecca, where the floors of clubs are literally littered with 20’s.


According to Empresaria, it was in one of the Atlanta clubs she works at that the beef between her and Blac Chyna was born. Apparently, Chyna was acting like bit of a diva and the famous IG model was not having it.