Famous Plastic Surgeon Claims Janet Jackson’s Face and Nose Are “Collapsing” After Seeing These Recent Photos (Do Y’all Agree?)

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The Jackson family is as talented as it is controversial and messy. Patriarch Joe Jackson allegedly beat his kids. Michael Jackson would get emotional in interviews when he would discuss his childhood.


We do not know if the Jackson family suffered from domestic violence. But if they did, it seems likely that Janet Jackson, Michael’s talented little sis, also endured this sort of inhumane treatment.

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Many people have speculated that Michael Jackson underwent so much plastic surgery so that he would look less like the father whom he is rumored to dislike so much. Click next to read more speculation about the Jackson family and plastic surgery.

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Other Jackson siblings have gone under the knife to alter their appearances. LaToya Jackson reshaped her face, just like her much more famous siblings allegedly did.