Fans Are Certain That Kylie Jenner’s Stormi Is Tyga’s Baby, Not Travis Scott And Tyga Agrees

This past weekend, we posted the first unobstructed photo of Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi Webster. We personally think the baby looks like Kylie’s half-brother Rob Kardashian and nothing like Jenner or Travis Scott, but the rest of the internet now thinks differently.

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We all know that Kylie’s current boyfriend Scott has been considered the father for as long as Kylie announced she was pregnant, but the internet has it doubts. Tyga has always had his doubts though.

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Back in September 2017, we reported that Tyga was furious over Kylie saying she got pregnant by Scott. “Hell nah that’s my kid!” Tyga responded when he heard the news. But let’s back up and connect the dots because Tyga has a case…