Fetty Wap Confirmed That He Just Got A White Girl Pregnant – That’s Seven Children With Seven Baby Mamas!


Y’all, what would you say if your best guy friend came up to you and said that he got yet another woman pregnant? And let’s say that this is the sixth baby with six different women.


Would you say, “Hey, you really need to wrap it before you tap it?” Would you try to convince him to get a vasectomy?


Or would you take a more polite route, and would you say, “Congratulations! What is this baby mama’s name? Have you known her for longer than five minutes?” Click next to read more.


It is difficult to know just what to say when you see someone making a fool of himself. Some of us are truth tellers and start telling it like it is, even if someone does not want to hear it. Others of us stay polite, pop some popcorn, and watch someone make a mess.