Floyd Mayweather Is Broke: This MMA Fighter Says The Champ Is “Dumb,” Excessive, And Will Box One More Time For A Massive Payday

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Remember when Floyd Mayweather fought and soundly beat Connor McGregor last August? It was Money’s 50th bout, and due to age and ailing hands, the champ said it would be his last fight.

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Mayweather walked away from that fight with a perfect 50-0 record and a cool $300,000,000 in winnings. Let me repeat that… he earned $300,000,000 for 10 rounds of work.

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Now, there are reports that Mayweather has burned through his $300 mill as well as the rest of his fortune, not to mentioned the fact that he’s a “dumb-dumb” and he surrounds himself with “yes-men” who are even less intelligent than him. This is all according to MMA heavyweight Chael Sonnen.