Floyd Mayweather Has A Hot New Girlfriend And She Brought A Million Dollars On Each Hand To A Basketball Game! (Pics)

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When Floyd Mayweather goes out, it’s an event, period. One time a friend and I sat next to him at a Clippers game, and my friend (he knows Mayweather’s camp casually) asked Floyd why he brought an old gym duffel bag with him to the game.

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Then Floyd reached down, unzipped the duffel bag and revealed a bag full of crisp, clean $100 bills and said there was over a million dollars in there. When my friend asked him what he was doing carrying around a million dollars, Floyd grinned and said, “You never know.”

IG: jamielynn

So it’s no shock to find out that Mayweather’s longtime girlfriend, Jamie Lynn, accompanied him to a Miami Heat game wearing over $3 million in jewelry — a diamond ring on each hand worth over $1 million (see photo above), and assorted chains, bracelets, and watches  (see photo below) totaling another milly.