Floyd Mayweather Just Dropped A Cool $200 Mill On A New Super Yacht – (Yacht and Thot Pics)

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Since hanging up his gloves (again), Floyd Mayweather has certainly been living the good life! From commissioning personalized artwork to buying expensive gifts for his various lady friends, he’s on a roll and he’s not stopping anytime soon!

Young Money May

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Do you suppose he could have ever known as a young person that some day he would grow up and show off a number of high end earthly possessions to a throng of fans? Have you seen the way this guy lives?

The image he pushes is pretty focused on the green – he’s not too concerned with inspirational messages for the young folk who likely idolize him and his lifestyle. If you had his money, would you show off your glory to the world?

Last photo taken in 2017. Photo Credit: @ikitchie

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From a fancy pad to cars and women, Mayweather seems to collect all his favorite things – and those things just get bigger and bigger! Click next to learn more about his most recent, highly expensive acquisition.