Floyd Mayweather KO’d! Champ Posts Steamy Lingerie Photos Of The Only Person To Ever “Knock Him Out” In One Round!

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Floyd Mayweather is well-known for his big talk, hard punch, and flashy, lavish lifestyle. So, when you think about what his love life must be like, who could deal with a reputation and ego this size? You might be surprised by who the woman behind the man appears to be…

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It all started in sports bar in Cannock, England a little more than a year ago. Mayweather was attending a small “meet and greet” event with The Money Team where fans could spend just under $1K to shake hands with the celebrities in the group. When Mayweather got a load of this babe, he was determined to get to know her a little better.

A legend was born #22

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Rmarni Eliss paid $860 out of her own pocket for a chance to meet Mayweather. That’s a lot for a girl on her pay at the New Look store. After the event, the two were seen in Maywaether’s Rolls Royce leaving the bar. Whatever happened that night, the two continued to spend time together.

IG: floydmayweather

This was likely a great time for Mayweather to meet someone, don’t you think? He had been retired briefly and probably figured he would need to fill his life with something more than stories about his fighting days. Eliss’ IG account tells stories of plenty of time spent in Mayweather’s company.