Floyd Mayweather Trade Shots With Conor McGregor On Social Media Over Their Potential UFC Fight: Conor’s A “Certified B***h”

Oh, and Mayweather was, and still is, considered the greatest defensive boxer known in the history of the sport. So a loss to McGregor would have been pretty embarrassing. 

Adding to the drama surrounding the “money fight” were social media squabbles between the two boxers. See, a little showmanship and friendly jabbing is one thing but McGregor decided to use, well, fighting words. 

The summer before the boxing match, McGregor appeared on TV issuing racist statements, including using the slur “boy” to describe Mayweather. This pejorative terms dates back to the era of slavery and has been used to emasculate and humiliate African American men.

Like most bigots, McGregor didn’t stop there. He went on to make incredibly racist statements equating young black men in a Rocky movie to “dancing monkeys” on Jimmy Kimmel.