Former NBA Star Darius Miles Holds An Old-School Bankruptcy Yard Sale After Losing $66 Million — Check Out What He’s Selling

Wikipedia commons / (inset) ESPN

Former NBA player Darius Miles is feeling the after-affects of some financial struggles. The 35-year-old athlete just had to file bankruptcy, sacrificing all of his belongings in an old school style yard sale, despite making about $60 million over the course of his career.


Darius Miles was scouted right out of high school and began playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. He had a very promising, although short-lived career, which took a big hit when he injured his right knee.


He ran into some legal trouble over the injury. The NBA has a rule where if a team is granted a salary cap relief because of a player sustaining a career-ending injury, if that player subsequently returns and plays ten games, then that cap is terminated. Miles played ten games and the NBA threatened to sue any team that signed him. They did end up working it out, but the time away from the court surely had an affect on Mile’s finances.