Future, Young Thug, And A Bunch Of Certified ATL Goons Took Over Beverly Hills’ Saks Fifth Avenue And Made It Their Own (Exclusive Pics!)

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Perhaps they figured Saks Fifth had been boring for long enough. Friends Future and Young Thug went on an outing with about six or seven of their good friends to enjoy some social time in Beverly Hills.


When you see the photos, you might not be able to help but wonder, “Did they organize this? What was the thinking here?” How would that conversation go down?


Do you remember calling your friends to go to the mall? It was probably during your junior year of high school, but, it gave you a place to walk around and chat, right? Click Next to see what happens when rappers decide to go to the shops together!


In his signature style, Young Thug adds a certain recognizable flair to his photos. You probably know what we’re talking about, but, here are some examples of what you can expect to see when he turned and saw cameras pointing in his direction.


Here’s how he likes to be caught – flipping the bird and using his expressions to say, “I’ll do what I want!” Click on through for more examples and the group shot!


Even when he’s working, Young Thug has his personalized way of jumping into a photo. Were you that guy always making the same face or the same gesture whenever someone asks you to smile for the camera?


Did you have that uncle who always insisted on looking like KISS whenever he was forced to pose for a photo? Or maybe a friend who always crosses his arms or places her fingers into a peace sign?


Now, when you’re around that particular person, does it bring out the playfulness in your own stance? Do you take advantage of the moment and join in with your own unique stance or posture?


Future and Young Thug look like they know how to have fun together. Just last month they released a music video together called “Relationship.”


In light of the recent rumors about Young Thug cheating on his fiancee, maybe he’s continuing to shrug it off by spending time with his friends. Future likely has a lot on his mind, too, considering his family situation.


With a demanding career and a little boy in the care of his ex and another man, Future probably needs to blow off steam with his friends, too. Ready to see the photos of these guys hanging out at Saks Fifth? Click on through!

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So, when you think Saks, you probably see something like this in your head. A lot of cocktails, small talk, and really expensive merchandise everywhere. How, you know, blah.


So, it’s about time some personality was introduced to the stuffy image of the place in always posh Beverly Hills. Young Thug and Future took a ride with some of their friends and livened the place up!


The friends made sure that no matter what distance the cameras were, you would be pretty certain you knew exactly who you were seeing on the steps of Barney’s! Bet the photographers just ate this up!


So this happened this week and it looks like a good time was had by all on a beautiful day in Beverly Hills. Does this crack you up, or, are you suddenly itching to call your pals and have some fun?