Gabrielle Union Reveals: “I’ve Had 8 Or 9 Miscarriages” By Husband Dwayne Wade!


Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade look like one of those pure examples of #RelationshipGoals. However, what they’ve survived together makes that more apparent than their numerous beautiful photos together.

Hollywood Life

When it looks like a couple has it all figured out, when you see a lot of love and affection, you’re missing what brought them there. They have made good on their promises to be there for one another in good time and bad alike.

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Good relationships are not all about luck – yes, some luck is involved – but, more than that, they’re about having the love to do the work it takes to be steadfast. For Union and Wade, that means standing by one another through various cycles of fertility issues (among other things, surely).


Union just published a memoir about her life which sounds like a messy and sometimes tough tale to tell. She revealed to People in her selected released excerpts about an experience which caused her to hold herself prisoner in her house for a year. Click through to hear an excerpt from Union’s book…