George Zimmerman, The Man Who Murdered Trayvon Martin, Just Sent A Death Threat To Jay-Z — Snoop Dogg Responds

Vibe / NBC News

The man who got away with murder under the eyes of the “law,” is not humbled by his experience. An innocent person who made an innocent “mistake” would probably stay out of the public eye OR, at the very least, turn over a new leaf and find a way for repaying an iota of taking an innocent life.

The Daily Beast

George Zimmerman, on the other hand, appears to be empowered by getting away with murder. Under this false illusion of invincibility, he has spread his threat of violence to one of the most popular celebrities on the planet – Jay Z.


Jay Z is working on a project that is getting under Zimmerman’s skin and he felt the need to express his aggitation with the rapper during an interview with “The Blast.” The project? Jay Z is producing a documentary about what happened to Trayvon Martin.

Huffington Post

We will not forget what happened to Trayvon Martin or how his death has destroyed the lives of his family – and Jay Z is making sure we do not. To learn more about what happened and who is backing up Jay Z, Click Next.