After Getting A Tooth Removed At The Dentist’s, This Woman’s Life Took A Bad Turn

The Sun

You’ve probably seen terrible horror flicks about flesh-eating bacteria terrorizing a town of young, promising families. What would you think if we told one that the kind of bacteria that slowly eats away at human flesh is actually real?


This is the story of one young girl, with her whole life ahead of her, who went in to have one tooth removed. You wouldn’t think a story of an average dental experience would include the phrase, “the doctors nearly failed to save her life.”


Meet Suth Ret, the girl who allowed for an infection following a tooth removal nearly eat away her face. Click on through to learn more (but, be forewarned – this ain’t gonna be pretty).


Ret had what seemed like a minor sinus infection when she went to have her tooth pulled. She was only 18 years old and the procedure was nothing out of the ordinary.