Going Too Far? This Black Woman Was Thrown Out Of A Michigan Mall For Wearing Shorts And A Disney Top — Where’s The Crime?


Now, when you hear about a woman wearing something SO inappropriate she was kicked out of a mall, you’re probably thinking she wore something like the photo here, you know, something close to nudity or intentionally pointing out your naughty bits. When you see what this sweet-faced, cartoon-loving woman was wearing to get kicked out of a mall, you’re going to see something really well… normal!


But, first, meet Hannah Pewee – a bright, friendly person who likes to spend time with her sister and enjoys Disney favorites like “Finding Nemo” or the “Harry Potter” series. Clearly a troublemaker, right? Look at the outfit that caused someone with too much time on his or her hands to report Hannah to mall security:


Oh, no! Not shorts and a tank top in the middle of summer! What a scandal! (Go ahead – you might need about five minutes to shake your head. We’ll be here when you’re done with Hannah’s story from her Facebook post that went viral over the weekend…)