The Golden State Warriors Are Rumored To Be Boycotting Visiting Trump At The White House, Or Are They?


You have witnessed what happens when one guy gets a tip with seeming credibility and the rest of the world reacts. If you Googled “Warriors to boycott White House” yesterday, you would have had about 652,000 entries from which to choose. Here’s the thing – it’s a rumor and the Warriors are calling out the media… respectfully.


How did this get started? One guy read one other guy’s Tweet and posted his news to Twitter. Josh Brown, commentator on CNBC, put this whole thing in motion – he said the Warriors would not attend the White House as is customary following the NBA championship. Where did HE get it from?


One Tweet from Mike Sington, whose bio claims he is a retired director of operations at Universal Studios (and the world’s top celebrity expert), claimed the Warriors turned down Trump’s invite. Well, after Brown repeated this rumor, it was heard around the world…