The Greatest Horror Films Of All Time

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Horror films have thrilled us adrenaline junkies for decades.  While some of them have the same predictable plot of the girl running up the stairs with a slasher villain behind her – others have a certain “je ne sais quoi,” that keeps us on the edge of our seats.  Naturally our list of the the greats includes those that keep you up at night.

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10. The Shining
Barely squeezing onto the list, The Shining has all the makings of a great horror flick.  A creepy kid, a crazed parent and a move to isolation all contribute to the on edge feeling Jack Nicholson’s face will forever be associated with.  When an evil presence takes over, Jack puts his psychic son in danger.  Be prepared to have dreams of someone hacking away at your bathroom door.  REDRUM.

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9. American Psycho
Christian Bale executed the role of an over confident serial killer flawlessly in this flick.  Enraged over someone’s business card being better than his, he lashes out and kills a homeless man.  His rampage continues until he finally kills the man who had a superior business card. He smiled as he shouted “Hey, Paul!” and delivered an axe to his head.

Hard to tell which is worse, his constant need to stare at himself and flex while having sex or his need to beat up hookers.  Comedy and Horror pair together perfectly as we see his agitation and try to keep up with his wit.  He certainly can control a room.