“The High Life” NBA All Star Zach Randolph Was Just Arrested For Possession Of Two Pounds Of Weed In Los Angeles (Exclusive Details)

NBA star Zach Randolph was just arrested for possession with intent to distribute in Los Angeles Wednesday night. Not even NBA players are immune to the war on drugs.

Bleacher Report

So, even though LA just voted to legalize recreational marijuana last November, the laws still won’t kick in for a bit. And possessing an amount large enough to distribute is still considered a felony.

New York Daily News

This whole situation hearkens back to the beginnings of the war on drugs and the fact that it’s been unabashedly stricter on people of color than white people. While dispensaries in the states that have legalized marijuana are getting these states’ economies back on track, many people of color still sit behind bars for crimes that are no longer considered crimes. Click Next to learn more about what happened to Zach!