The Horrible Truth About Kenneka Jenkins — New Details Emerge From The Chicago Freezer Investigation

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It’s hard to accept needless tragedies — if a young life is going to be lost, it’s easier to accept if that life was taken by someone with cruel intentions or that a sacrifice was made for a higher cause. In the case of Kenneka Jenkins, this all very well might have been an awful, misguided accident.

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Stories of Jenkins’ friends selling her to be raped and/or murdered for $200 are no longer taken seriously. In some part, the friends must have been paying attention to her condition.

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Jenkins had borrowed her mother’s car to attend the party and her friends had taken her keys – implying they would not allow her to drive while heavily intoxicated. Click through the article to learn what other details are now available in the story.


The autopsy revealed her blood alcohol content was approximately 0.112, over the legal limit for driving… for a 21-year-old woman. At 19, her peers still knew well enough not to let her drive herself home in her condition.