For 3-Years Straight, This Girl Only Ate KFC! You Have To See What She Looks Like Now


3. Could you imagine eating the same thing every day for three years straight?

Ever since 21-year-old Georgie Scotney was a little child, she was an extremely picky eater. But as she grew up, she never seemed to gain the confidence to try anything new.

Eventually, she developed what is called selective eating disorder (SED) and it severely limited what she allowed herself to consume.

only ate KFC 4

By the time she was in her late teens and early twenties, Scotney was only eating KFC fried chicken and french fries. She wouldn’t even use the fast food restaurant’s sauce.

only ate KFC

“Growing up, I’d always been really stubborn with what I’d eat. It started off as just southern fried chicken and chips but it then got to the point where it’d only be chicken from KFC. I’d go there every day without fail.”