The Internet Is Calling Her ‘Doctor Bae.’ Meet The Gorgeous Doctor That Saved A Sick Passenger’s Life While On An Airplane! (Details and Her Full Story!)


Adeola Otuyelu, a Nigerian doctor, is a lifesaver! On a recent air flight to Lagos she stepped in to literally save a life. The scene could have been from a movie!

Trip Savvy

According to USA Today medical emergencies happen on 1 of every 604 flights. So let’s just say that Adeola’s patient on the plane was very lucky to have a doctor in the house!

Division on Addiction

The Harvard-trained doctor goes by the name “Dr. Bae” on her instagram. And it is no wonder- she’s a beauty! Gossip

Adeola recounted the story:“My flight to Lagos was literally out of a movie! I was sleeping (duh!) when the announcements rang out for a doctor because there was a ‘sick’ person on the flight.”